Guild and Forum Clean Up

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Guild and Forum Clean Up Empty Guild and Forum Clean Up

Post  [GM] Zoir on Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:14 pm

As you guys know, the guild needs a serious makeover. Me, Chris and Bowl are working hard to present you guys with a new, better-than-ever guild experience. It will take some white to set up, however, so we appreciate your patience...

I will be going through and deleting dead forum topics, topics that no longer have relevance or topics that no longer need to be recorded for future guild growth. As with the remodeling of the guild, the forums will undergo some changes as well. If miss any topic, please post in that topic asking me to delete the whole thing.

Thanks guys! Let's get this guild back in to shape...

- Zoir

Guild and Forum Clean Up Wsoffm10
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