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Post  Tig3r on Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:26 pm

Hey guys I've added 2 people yesterday
1) Sinx named Julayi that Michelle (Saru) met in pvp, she left the guild so that I could invite him. I told him we did SE on Saturdays (forgot when we do FE) He said he could WoE and has previous RO experience, but I think he has a little bit of an attitude(?). If anyone could maybe question him some more? I'm actually not sure what to ask ^^;
2) Ninja named Arck. Friend of mine and Michelle's who's been playing mid-high rate servers for 6-7 years. experience with Professor but wants to main Ninja for a little while to get the feel of the server.

That is all, thought I should share if anyone was wondering who they were.

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