What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

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What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Empty What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

Post  [GM] Stitch Stitch on Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:09 pm

Hey guys! I just want to start "What to do" Class thread. These will be used to discuss strategies, plans, skills to use, etc. Please go ahead and input your information here by replying to this topic.

This topic is on Sniper Class

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[GM] Stitch Stitch
[GM] Stitch Stitch

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What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Empty Re: What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

Post  Aeoo on Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:21 pm

WOE FE: Trapper


97 vit
100 int

Remaining points should be put into dex (10-20) for cast, and str (40-50) for weight limit.

Attention Concentrate: increase dex. save points.
Arrow Shower. See later.
Wind Walk. Walking Speed. Nice.

True Sight: +5 all stat. Good to save points.

Hiding: See later.

Detect: see later.

Shockwave, Sandman & Ankle Snare Trap: See later.

Spring Trap: see later.

Remove Trap: see later.

Falcon Assault: Don’t use it. It’s a pretty weak skill for woe. Even a failing sbk sinx will deal more damage.


I don’t say the refine of those. More they’re refine, better it is (except weapon, you can leave all those +0)

Top Headgears:

Feather Beret / Beret / Poo Poo Hat.


There aren’t many armors you can use.

Better ones are:

Divine Clothes (light, +6 def, status resistance. A cheap choise)

Odin’s Blessing (6 def, good with combos. Since you don’t rely on combos I wouldn’t use it)

Sniping Suit. (5 def, 5 mdef, reduces delay. Very used, I don’t see why since delay isn’t such a big problem, except with Spring Trap, but you’re supposed to be MSed while you use it)

Glittering Jacket (7 def, 5 mdef. All class except novices. It gives you the best armor def you can use on a Sniper)

Cards for Armors: Marc / Evil Druid (I would disguise Marc and swapt on ED if needed) Pest (just for fun, if someone pokes you).


Valk Shield. A must. Put a thara frog card into it.


Wool Scarf. Put a Raydric into it. Not Noxious. And make some anti elemental garments too (fire and wind mainly).


Tidal Shoes with Green Ferus / Verit / Matyr.

Note for garment & shoes. you can make a swapt of variant shoes & immune diablos manteau for neutral atks (asura, acid bomb)


Slotted Rosaries. Smokie Card is a must. If you’re not self secure with swapts, disguise it. Alligator Cards are good to tank AD, Errende Ebacee Card is good for AD too (too bad AD does not make it works, you need some physical atk to autocast pneuma. Good for a rush with a breaker to emperium.)



Combat Knife. Win.

Bazerald. Throw it away.

Quadruple Vital Dagger. Cheap CK. Saves stat. A choise could be triple vital solid (golem card). (vital = fabre card)


Basically composite bows with x4 status card. Magnolia (curse), Plankton (sleep) are the best. If the enemy’s recaller has low vit (lol?) breeze card is good too.

How your skills works:

Arrow Shower. A phisical weak ranged attack. Good to pass status. That’s why I mentioned bows. It moves traps too, but this is woe, so It have no use on traps. It makes Chasing Stalker pop out too.

Sandman Trap. Make the enemy that steeps on it asleep. Works if you step on it while the enemy is near too. Int & Luk prevent Sleep Status. A sleeping target will be blocked for some times (depending on his int). He will be 100% hit be the next phisical skill. He cannot use skills or such during this time. It will make players lose target too and block their actions (like a spellbreaker). Hitting a sleeping target has the probability of crit doubled. Nightmare Card Blocks it. Gemini Card reduces it if the enemy got >80 vit.

Shockwave Trap: SP Drains the enemy that steps on it.

Ankle Snare. Block the target. He can still use skills or item tought. Snap prevents it.

Spring Trap: make a trap explode. Ranged.

Hiding: Makes you not noticeable by enemies. Protect from casting skills (bolts, asura strike, sg, meteor storm,etc..) Some skills will still hit you tought. Heaven’s Drive, Earth Spike and Sprinke Sand. If you’re hit you will get out of hiding. While you’re hidden you can do nothing. Cancels Close Confine Status.

Detect: detect hidden characters (both enemies and friends) where you clic.

Remove Trap: removes a trap.

How to use all those skills during woe:

Shockwave: It irritate everyone, but is not very fearsome. It’s good to tank asuras (a champ that has just been shockwaved hardly will overpot all his sp while casting)

Ankle Snare: make who steps on it stop. Useless on character with Remove Trap and Champs.

Use level 5 of it if you’re ankle snaring someone out of the emperium room.

Use level 3 if you are trapping your emp room (lvl 3 lasts longer on the floor, but It have lower catch time).

Stay near a warp an trap the first cell will block “explorers” that want to come in and check the situation. They will die.

Use it if there is someone dashing away from your guild and make him stay here and die here.

Sandman Trap: My favorite Trap (not only mine). There are plenty of class weak to sleep status.

Use it: around: making the enemy stop and unable to do anything. Good for sinx and such, since while sleeping they won’t be able to hide dodge asuras.

on attack: blocking all breakers except your. Don’t stop if they’re continuosly hitten. With sleep they will lose track of the emperium.

Arrow Shower: swapt on bow for this. Use it only for def if you’re in a save location (with hws). Arrow Shower will deal status on area. Best status: curse (slow movements, atk and luk reduction, cured with holy water) and Sleep (sleep under precast = enemy will have to clic again to move, and move before potting again)

Detect: detect. use it on hidden enemies (hidden grimtoothing sinx mainly). Be careful to not detect your guild sinx.

Spring Trap: with MS, will clear a place from traps in a short time. Use it on rush into emp room.

Attention Concentrate & True Sight = always active.

Wind Walk: do it when a comrade asks for it. Increase walk speed of all the party members insight.

Hiding: dodge asuras,etc. for the lulz

Note: EQs mentioned above might be outdated. Got better gears? Use em. Wrote this guide back in 2009 for woe 1.0

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What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Empty Re: What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

Post  Esvper on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:26 pm


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What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Empty Re: What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

Post  barumung on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:37 am

Nice guides ! I was thinking, isnt Zealotus Mask another good item to replace Feather Beret? 5% demihuman damage and resist is something to think about. Offense and defense Twisted Evil [list=1][*]

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What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Empty Re: What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

Post  [GM] Stitch Stitch on Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:22 pm

SS Sniper


Top Headgear : [ATK] Large Baphomet Horn
Mid Headgear : Robo-Eye
Low Headgear : Father White Moustache
Armor : [Evil Druid] Elite Archer Suit [Agi+3]
Weapon : Over-upgraded Glorious Bow , [Metaller/Plankton] Earthen Bow
Shield : [Horn] Valkyrie Shield [SWAP]
Garment : [Noxious] Commander's Manteau
Footgear : [Matyr] Combat Boots
Accessory : Medal of Honor
Accessory : Glorious Ring


STR : Left Over Points after AGI
AGI : Left Over Points
VIT : Total 97
INT : 1
DEX : Total 147-149
LUK: 1

Balls of Fury
What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Datpriest2_zps1b9bec4e
[GM] Stitch Stitch
[GM] Stitch Stitch

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What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Empty Re: What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

Post  Saru on Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:38 am

lol all knowing!~

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What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class Empty Re: What Do I Do? "Sniper" Class

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